Meet Our Instructors


  • Certified dancer with Arthur Murray and DVIDA
  • Bachelors degree in sports and recreation management
  • Rhythm Finalist
  • Certified Fitness and Health Coach

Abraham Sannoh,

Owner & Instructor

My name is Abraham (Abe) Sannoh, owner of Crown Dance Studio, and my vision is to empower people from all walks of life to
discover their purpose and accomplish their dreams.

I took ownership of Crown Dance Studio in 2014, with the mission of making the studio an affordable dancing home for everybody,
no matter one’s economic circumstance.

Ballroom dancing enhanced my strong work ethic, drive,
and dedication that I apply in all aspects of my life.
I wish for others to try ballroom dancing, so they too
can experience firsthand all the benefits it offers.

I have over 24 years of dance experience: 14 years of teaching experience and 11 years of competitive dance experience.
From all of my years competing in various dance competitions around the world, I am well known for my skills in American Rhythm & Smooth Dances. From my extensive dance career, I have acquired so much knowledge that I wish to share with others.

My favorite part of being an instructor is helping students and staff develop their dancing as they transform into better versions of themselves. No matter your current dance experience level, my warm and friendly personality will make learning
to dance easy, fun and exciting.

You do not have to let your past circumstances define you.
You have the power to make a decision to create
the change you need to have the life you want.
Make the decision to visit Crown Dance Studio TODAY! 🙂

Allison Lenore,
Professional Dance Instructor

Since early childhood, Allison has always been very active and full of energy. From elementary school to high school, she excelled at
track and cross country and 
earned a full scholarship to
Eastern Kentucky University, where 
Allison was exposed
to the art & joy of ballroom dancing.

Allison has been a professional instructor since 2006, and has earned numerous awards competing in American Smooth and Rhythm divisions. She loves to help all students to accomplish their
goals and to grow and develop into amazing dancers.

Mateo Catalán,
Professional Dance Instructor

With 15 years of teaching experience and over 12 years of professional competition experience in American Rhythm and American Smooth.
I strive to create an atmosphere that ‘s sure to excite you and motivate you to accomplish your dreams of Dance.

As a Mexican American, Dance is part of my culture. I’ve been dancing since I was born, practically, training in multiple forms of Dance ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Ballroom/Latin.

 Life is about fun and I believe everyone should be able to enjoy life. So come on over to Crown Dance Studio and dance with me!
I’ll take you out for a spin!

Group dance class in Crown dance studio

Noelia Garcia

Noelia began her dance career in November of 2015, to pursue her passion for dance. As a new instructor here at Crown, she hopes to help inspire and heal people through movement. We have no doubt that her natural talents and ability to connect with people will achieve exactly that.

Fun fact: Noelia has her own small empanada business called Noles Kitchen.

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