Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons for Personalized Instruction

Private lessons are the most fun way to learn how to dance because they are personalized just for you. Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, offers private dance lessons that allow you to focus on the dances that you are most interested in learning. They are taught by your experienced instructors and based around your learning style.

Private Dance Lessons

Improve At Your Pace

Private lessons are truly the fastest and most efficient way to improve upon your dancing. The one-on-one time with an instructor allows students to pick up the technique and art of dancing faster than in a group setting because it is tailored to just what the student needs. Instructors will listen to your goals for your dancing and will recommend dances that will help you achieve those goals within the ballroom and beyond.

Schedule a Complimentary Lesson

If you're interested in exploring private lessons, scheduling your complimentary sample lesson today so you can experience exactly how effective private instruction can be. Just reach out to us by phone or text at (703) 663-8363 or dial our office number to connect with one of our New Student Specialists. We will be happy to help!