Special Events

Dance Training

Whether you’re looking to enhance your dance skills, or maybe even one day become an instructor, this training course is for you!

Beginning July 21, and every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month after that, Abraham Sannoh will be hosting and instructing 1.5 hour dance courses, focused on various styles and techniques. We’re talking anything from salsa and bachata, to swing and bolero.  This training is for those who have a serious aspirations and desires to become better dancers. Along with dance training, Abraham will cover the business aspects of running a dance studio. For those with an interest in instructing, there will be opportunities to assist and professionaly teach, following the conclusion of your first semester. We’re so excited to see all the incredible DMV talent in our studio. Classes will begin at 7:30PM sharp, and no drop-ins will be allowed. As always, we’ll see you on the dance floor!