Wedding First Dance

Wedding Dance Lessons to Make Your First Dance Special

At Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, our Wedding Specialists listen to your ideas and needs as a couple, then plan your bridal dance classes and dance program around your ability level, time frame, budget, and first dance goals. Our teachers expertly teach wedding dance lessons to fit your floor size, dress style, and personality. We will help you create special moments on the dance floor for your First Dance as husband and wife, the Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, and even during your reception.

Happy Couple Looking into the Distance Wedding First Dance Wedding First Dance

Make Memories That Will Last

So many of our couples have shared that their dance lessons were the most fun and enjoyable part of planning their wedding. Couples soon discover that their dancing is a piece of the wedding that will continue into their marriage for years to come, as they relive those beautiful moments each time they use the social dance skills they acquired during their lessons. Make memories for you and your family that you will treasure for years to come and gain confidence in your movements for one of the most important days of your life. The experience, as you look back, will bring a smile to your face.

Bride and Groom

Father and Daughter Dance

Gain Confidence & Comfort for Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Dances

When you're preparing for your wedding, many aspects of the process can be anxiety-inducing and stressful. Dance lessons with Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, won't be one of them. As you and your fiance prepare for your First Dance, we aim to simultaneously give you skills that will extend to dancing with your parents as well if you so desire. We'll incorporate Mother/Son Dance lessons and Father/Daughter Dance lessons into your bridal dance experience, making it instantly less stressful for everyone.

Special Moments

Lessons in dancing with your mother or father can be confidence-building and will help you enjoy a better experience on your wedding day. Your parents may even attend lessons with you, even if they can only make it to one or two. These special moments between parents and their adult children are memories that you, your friends, and your family will always cherish. What better way to express your love, personalities, and connection to your parents than through a beautiful or fun dance?

Planning Your Dance

Do you have a unique song that you would love to dance to? Are you unsure of which dance would best suit the music? We know how to help! We will give you ideas for popular Father/Daughter songs and Mother/Son music options, as well a comfortable dance to match. Whether you would like something upbeat and happy or a touching song that won't leave a single dry eye in the house , you are in charge of your dance vision. We will simply make your ideas work comfortably with any music you choose.

Mother And Son Dance