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Learn Elegant Dancing at Our Local Dance School in Fairfax, VA

Develop your talent or learn to dance for the joy of the experience at Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia. Learning to dance is fun, easy, and exciting at our local dance school in Fairfax, VA. Whether you are interested in learning to dance socially, have competitive aspirations, or are looking to prepare for a special event, Crown Dance Studio is here to help with traditional dancing classes!

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Our Dance Classes

Our highly trained, certified, and award-winning professionals will assist you every step of the way . We offer instruction for all types of dance lessons for kids and adults, from American Rhythm and Smooth of International Latin and Standard, as well as a club style dances. Crown students experience better health and greater emotional well-being within the ballroom and beyond. We pledge to use our passion and expertise to help you discover your true potential as a dancer and all the benefits that ballroom dancing offers.

Group lessons

Group Classes give students an opportunity to build muscle memory through the repetition of dance steps, as well as develop their lead and follow with different partners. 

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Private Classes

Private Classes allow students to be introduced to new material and techniques through personalized instruction from their primary teacher.

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Practice Parties

Practice Parties give students a realistic environment where they can use their dancing, meet new people, test out their moves before exploring the social dance scene on their own.

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Wedding First Dance

At Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, our Wedding Specialists listen to your ideas and needs as a couple, then plan your bridal dance classes and dance program around your ability level, time frame, budget, and first dance goals.

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About us

Founded in 2006 by Richard Dee with the goal of raising the quality and standards of dance within the community, Crown Dance Studio continues to thrive and expand. After eight years of successful management, Abraham Sannoh assumed ownership of Crown in October 2014 with plans to continue and expand upon the vision of Richard Dee at our local dance school.

Our Blog

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