Meet Our Instructors

Abraham Sannoh,
Owner & Instructor

Abraham is a well-rounded dancer with a degree in sports and recreation management. With 24 years of total dance experience, 14 years of teaching experience, and 11 years of competitive experience, Abraham have wealth of knowledge that he wishes to share. However, his one goal and true desire at the moment; is to make Crown Dance Studio the dancing home for everyone no matter their economic circumstance. Abraham believes that we are not defined by our circumstances, but by the decisions we make.

Abraham is a certified dancer with Arthur Murray and DVIDA and a finalist in major professional championships around the country. Abraham is considered as one of the best instructor, competitor, and performer in the industry. He is especially famous for his undeniable skills in the American Rhythm & Smooth Dances. While some consider him naturally talented, and gifted dancer, those who knows Abraham will say he is the hardest working, most driven, passionate, dedicated, and honest individual they know. His warm and friendly personality make learning to dance fun, easy and exciting for dancers at all level. The favorite part of Abraham’s job is helping his students and staff develop their dancing as they transform into a better version of themselves.

Abraham has learn that it’s through continuous self-education, dedication to hard work, and perseverance that one can achieve one’s goals and desires. And now he wishes to share that hard-earned knowledge with others. Not content merely to be a success in his own right, Abraham intends to dedicate his time to helping others become success in their own right. His dream is to help and empower people from all walks of life to discover themselves and, in so doing, achieve their dreams.


Darryl Adams,
Professional Dance Instructor

Darryl Adams has been a teacher and choreographer of ballroom dancing in the Washington DC area for over 30 years and is proficient in all ballroom dances and styles.

Darryl trained primarily under the tutelage of both Frank Regan, an icon in the dance industry, and Connie Paley, a British Open finalist, and was a member of Frank Regan’s dance company, the American Dance Montage.

Darryl is USISTD-certified in the standard, smooth, and rhythm dances and has been a member in good standing in the USISTD since 2001

Virak Chhang,
Professional Dance Instructor

Although Virak went to school for Computer Graphics and Engineering, he found a path to a career in Finance and Real Estate. After a seven-year tenure as a regional banker and consultant with a large commercial bank, he took an early retirement in 2012 to focus on his love for the arts.
Prior to teaching ballroom dance, Virak traveled to several cities with his dance-fitness group and shared his love of dance with thousands of fitness enthusiasts throughout the US. His initial interest Latin dance started in 2006 and he remains an active member of the local Latin-dance community. He has worked as a media director as well as offered support for several large dance festivals/events (DC Bachata Congress, Interfusion Festival, Bachata Bash, Fred Astaire, etc).
Virak began teaching ballroom dance at Arthur Murray in 2012 where he choreographed wedding dances, performed shows and competed. He refuses to go back to his old corporate-style of work and wishes to focus on and share his love of the arts with the world.

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